Spat 5.0.8 & Panoramix 1.3.3


Dear all,

Spat 5.0.8 and Panoramix 1.3.3 are now available.

Thanks for your feedback.


Release Version : 5.0.8
Release Date : 10/2018

  • spat5.grids : added “/project/tocube” message (cf help patch)
  • spat5.viewer : “/backgroundimage” now searches in Max paths
  • spat5.grids : added new types of grids
  • spat5.panoramix : fix possible crash with WFS bus
  • most objects : better parsing of OSC coordinate messages
  • spat5.panoramix~ : improved error messages with invalid WFS files
  • spat5.air~ : fix OSC messages improperly processed
  • spat5.doppler~ : fix OSC messages improperly processed
  • spat5.oper : fix issue with OpenGL rendering engine
  • added spat5.random.poly.maxpat
  • spat5.osc.replace : added @tautological attribute + improved help patcher
  • spat5.pan~, spat5.spat~, spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with KNN panning (gain normalization)
  • spat5.panoramix : added stereo tracks
  • spat5.wfs.config : min distance is now 1m
  • spat5.osc.unslashify : fix possible type issue with OSC pattern starting with int
  • spat5.oper, spat5.viewer : fix spurious error message with /backgroundimage
  • spat5.oper : /roomsize is now an alias for /room/size
  • spat5.panoramix : added @embed attribute
  • spat5.folder.infos : added “/sort” message
  • improved overview patcher
  • fixed @mc not working on Windows
  • spat5.panoramix : fix several bugs (e.g. bformat tracks)
  • spat5.viewer, spat5.oper, etc : added “/source/[index]/tofront”, “/source/[index]/toback” messages
    to change the z-order of the element, and ease the mouse selection
  • spat5.panoramix~ : fix possible bug(s) with Eigenmike track
  • spat5.panoramix : faster preset loading time
  • spat5.panoramix : added “/track/[index]/tofront”, “/track/[index]/toback” messages
  • spat5.panoramix : track color can now be changed on the fly
  • spat5.clip~ : fix OSC parsing
  • spat5.gammatone : fix spurious error messages
  • spat5.spat~ : minor improvement to the /parallel mode
  • spat5.spat~ : added “/phantom/nadir”, “/phantom/zenith” messages


Hello, using backgroundimage messages generates errors with panoramix 1.3.4 (for instance /backgroundimage/visible $1 ):
spat5.panoramix: error occurred when processing “/backgroundimage/visible 1”



Hi Benoit,

Thanks for the report. This will be fixed for the next release.



The “scale” knob disappeared from the interface in 1.3.4, that’s a shame as the interface is all messed up on smaller screens (15"). Although I did find the knob inside the patch…


Hi Ben,
The “scale” knob didn’t disappear. It just moved to another place. It is now accessible in the “Options” strip; click on the little “gear” button at the top of the strip.
Bonus: the “scaling” factor should now be saved with your session.