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SOX librairie ... compatible?


la librairie SOX ne semble plus fonctionner sous Catalina ; any news ?

Thierry DM

Cher Thierry,

Ca n’a rien a voir avec Catalina. Cette librairie n’a pas ete mise-a-jour depuis un certain temps. Cependant vous pouvez toujours suivre les instructions a partir de ce post;

Bien a vous

Hi there.

Actually, last change was on February 13 and the “om-audio” loading error should be fixed since a while (btw the library just passed the 1000 downloads mark :wink:

For the latest version, you need to download a snapshot of the “develop” branch, i.e. go on this page> https://sourceforge.net/p/omsox/code/

  • then click on “Download Snapshot” in the panel. Whether the binaries work on Catalina I do not have information on. Happy to know what you get.

Development and maintenance of this library are self-supported by a single developer (besides many other things), and I am thinking/looking for a better model for being able to provide more accurate/tighter development and maintenance, also with regards to the divergence of OM / OM#. It requires a few fixes/changes before making a new release. So any ideas are welcome.