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Sound attenuation feature for spat5.pan

hi T,

Would that be possible to implement a sound attenuation function (with distance) for spat5.pan and spat5.hoa.encoder? (similar as the one use for spat5.spat - log/linear)

i have a work around using mc.gen~ but i wonder if that wouldn’t be more efficient to have that feature right in those objects - something like initwith “/attenuation 1”


Hello Eric,

To be honest, that’s not really in our plans (although I understand your point).
For distance rendering, we encourage the use of spat5.spat~ with reverberation and the perceptual model.


yes never mind, then i will just use spat~ and mute early/cluster/reverb. I understand really much why it’d be pointless to add that to spat5.pan, unless huge performance difference (?)