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Shoe-box aray

Dear Thibaut and Forum participants,

we will setting 16-channel array in a rectangular Museum hall (152 m2) this week for some listening tests prior to an installation to be carried out in a few months time (we are also using the spat5.align object ).

In this case we will be using a loudspeaker shoe-box array with sound sources on the edges and vertices.

Would you recommend to tilt and/or rotate the loudspeakers to the listening position or keep these paralell to the floor?

Any other related advice is also welcome!

Many thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

MartĂ­n Aguilar

Hola Martìn,

If you intent to create some “surround” system (with the audience in the “center” of the hall, and using techniques like VBAP or Ambisonics), then yes you should try to tilt the loudspeakers so that they are all facing (approximately) toward the sweet spot area.

If you place a microphone in the center of the hall, you could use spat5.calibrate.delay~ and spat5.calibrate.gain~ to make sure all speakers are properly aligned. (whereas spat5.align~ idealistically assumes that all channels are exactly similar, and it only accounts for their geometrical coordinates)


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