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Sending message via javascript with Max

I’m pretty new to Max and to spat. I have a max js object, and I’m trying to send panning information to a spat object. My javascript object outlet 0 is connected to input 0 of the spat object and I have the following (very reduced fragment of code):
var to_snd = “/source/0/xyz 1 2 6”;
I get the error message
spat5.pan~: OSC format error: Character " " not allowed in address pattern “/source/0/xyz 1 2 6”

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m running the latest version of spat.



To answer my own question. You have to use arrayfromargs you need code something like
var message_name = “/source/”+spat_port+"/xyz";
var to_snd = arrayfromargs(message_name,current_line);

Where current_line is an array containing the three coordinates.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the info.
Indeed, messages have to be properly typed.
(could you send your faulty JS example ? I will try to detect the formatting issue and provide a more meaningful error message, if possible)


Packing things up with arrayfromargs is the solution. I think it was just me misunderstanding how you send messages to objects in javascript. In my first post I sent a pure string that seemed to confuse spat. I’m not sure how you would improve the error message, since you don’t really know that the message is coming from a js object.