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Selecting sources to apply interleave - OSC syntax

I am currently applying transformations on source positions and rotation and sending these to spat5.oper using the following in o.expr.codebox.

/oper/sources/aed = interleave(/a, /e, /d)

This applies the /aed positions to all sources and works great.

Now I would like to assign these transformations to a select target of sources, something like:

oper/source/[1-16]/aed = interleave(/a, /e, /d)

obviously this is not the correct syntax and maybe this structure isn’t possible.

Any ideas?


I’m not an expert in o.expr, but if you send a (minimal) patch, I’ll try to have a look.


Thank you.

I cannot upload a file as a new user.
Maybe this image helps to clarify where I am stuck.

Hum… It’s difficult to help with just the image.
Could you try to “Copy Compressed” your patcher as text (in Max Edit menu) ?
Otherwise try to send it to me via private message (where hopefully you can attach a file).