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SDIF-Edit for OpenMusic

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share what I’ve just found for SDIF 3D file viewing, it’s an old stuff but still works with OM 6.17 on MacOS Mojave. Not tested on Windows. Made by Jean Bresson & Carlos Agon

SDIF-Edit is a tool for the visalization SDIF sound description data. SDIF-Edit is written in C++. All GUI and graphical interaction is in OpenGL/GLUT.

SDIF-Edit proposes a generic graphical representation of SDIF data, i.e. independent from the type of data contained in the SDIF file. It allows to browse the file structure (streams, matrices), and then to represent and edit graphically the data contained in these structures

Special Prize of the Jury: opensource music software contest LoMus 2006 organized by AFIM, the French computer music association.

SDIF-Edit can be used as an editor for the SDIFFILE object in OpenMusic. This feature was integrated in OM 5 and 6. For OM 6.4 and higher versions, the use of SDIF-Edit requires preliminary loading of the library SDIF-Edit4OM.


For additional info, or to cite this work:

  • J. Bresson and C. Agon: SDIF Sound Description Data Representation and Manipulation in Computer Assisted Composition. Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC’04), University of Miami, USA, 2004. [PDF]


See the project’s wiki pages.




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I edited include.h and the Mac makefile and have successfully compiled, installed (to /usr/local/bin), and run SDIF-Edit as a standalone application on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve also used it in OM. Very cool tool ! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Hi Dave!
Have you checked in the OM / Externals preferences ?
I think you can enter the path there…

Hi Jean ! Yes, I remembered that I needed to specify it there. It’s all good now. :slight_smile:

Works with OM7, OSX 12.5, MacMini M1…



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Works also on Linux after compilation: