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Sdif.dll not loading on startup

I installed om6.15 on windows 10 from
The sdif.dll is there but it doesn’t load on startup (see attached pic)
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Dear RC,

You reported elsewhere the trouble you have loading omaudiolib. Is the issue fixed ?
And how did you fix it ?
For the time being i don’t have a windows 10 to check it out.

No, I just posted it here in the forum and until now I haven’t found a solution. A similar problem happens with OMAudioLib.dll, reported here:

This both issues made om unable to start.
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Did you succeed before that to run om615 on windows 10 ?
Maybe a windows upgrade is the cause ?
Can you give us more details ?


No succeed by the moment.
Before I was using an old version (6.12 i think) with win7.
After upgrading to win10 ltsc 2019 I got those errors.
Of course, the upgrade is the problem.
Is there a specific edition of win10 to run om, or should I install other stuff?
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I tried a new install of OM 6.15 on my Windows 10 laptop. Works OK…none of above messages. I suspect Windows deleted some files during upgrade process. I think upgrade deletes anything it thinks will not be compatible with Win10.

I have a Win 7 machine that will get an upgrade at some point and I intend to uninstall all my open source programs and reinstall after upgrade.

Hope this is helpful.