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Sdif.dll not loading on startup

No, OM# not work too!

I found out what is the problem!

Seems that sdif.dll needs another dynamic library called msvcr100.dll. So when OM# or OpenMusic tries to load sdif and not find the library it gives this error.

Maybe in Windows 11 Microsoft removed some components that use the library, and it is not delivered with Windows 11 anymore.

I used this software GitHub - lucasg/Dependencies: A rewrite of the old legacy software "depends.exe" in C# for Windows devs to troubleshoot dll load dependencies issues..

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Thanx Charles,

It’s good to know.
Will point out the solution,


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Sadly I’m still having the same issue… can’t load OpenMusic 72.\sdif.dll

I’m running Windows 11, x64.

despite the fact, the the dependencies shows I have the MSVR100.dll (I had to download this file manually). I spent so much time debugging this already and I’m stuck…

After that sdif.dll error I’m getting omaudiolib.dll error too (despite the fact I also force copied it into system32/.

Yes i know.
The same with me here i am on windows 11.
However, if you don’t need to use sdif buffers you can still run OM.
Please don’t move the .dll from OM’s folder.

The solution is to recompile the lib for win11. Will do so.