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hey colleagues -

that are any possibilities of how to make this?

(sorry for the basic´s questions)score_open


It seems that your fonts were not installed. You can however do it manually:

  1. Go to your OM 6.x.app in your Application folder
  2. Right click or Ctrl click on the .app and choose Show Package Contents
  3. Open the Contents folder,
  4. Open Resources folder
  5. there you find a fonts folder.
  6. Open it and double click the four fonts and click for each the Install Font button

Maybe you should reboot (not sure of that)
But your fonts should be installed.


Hi! I have the same problem on Windows! How should i go about it to fix it? Didn’t find any similar folder to the one you mention :confused:

Hi Matias,

No panic. Here you can find the four fonts and install them in your fonts folder then reboot:

Very sorry for this.