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Score object editors displaying incorrect pitches [SOLVED]

Hi all,

All my score object editors (note, chord, chord-seq) are displaying the incorrect pitch. I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate the issue: Chord-Seq display issue.mov - Google Drive

The issue is the same in all modes (normal, segmentation/analysis and page). Curiously, the miniviewer displays the correct pitch.

I’m running OM 7.1. The issue exists on my Mac and Windows computers.

Any help would be appreciated!

Update: restoring the default preferences for score editors resolved the issue :slight_smile:

Dear Socha,

I suspect you had an old workspace with old preferences. This issue was known.
(see here): Pitches sound a whole step low if midi mix console is in patch
I beleive i fixed it now.

Thank for reporting.

Excellent; thanks Karim.