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Pitches sound a whole step low if midi mix console is in patch

Score and midi objects sound a whole step too low when a midi mix console is included in a patch. Can anyone duplicate this and/or lend an insight into why it’s happening? Thanks!

midi-render1.omp (11.7 KB)

Hello — what’s your system / OM version ?


Ah, sorry forgot to include…
Windows 10 on a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
OM 6.12

right, nice catch.
I’ll fix it in the next OM update.

Thanks for looking into it!

The OM 6.14 update is now available for macOS and Windows:


Hi Jean,
Was wondering if you ever figured out this bug of midi sounding a whole step lower. I seem to have the same problem even in later releases. Is there a particular LISP file I might be able to alter if I wanted to try on my own?

Hi — weird. I was pretty sure I had fixed it that same day… and supposed it was ok since I had no feedback since the release.

I think this one should make the trick. You can extract the function or the whole file if you want to use it right now, or just wait until the next release again :smiley:

Thanks, Jean! Worked great!

Oops, I got ahead of myself. Looks like it’s still a whole tone low, although drums on midi channel 10 seem to be sounding correctly.

Related to this, I found a way around my pitch problem that involves using midi-reset in the patch, although, midi-reset gives me an error in 6.12, which is the only release that works for the particular patch I’m dealing with now. Any way to have midi-reset work in 6.12? Thanks!

You must be sure to reload the fix everytime you start OM: either copying the fixed file in OM 6.15/patches/ or in your_workspace/user/

It’s a pitch-bend issue, so drum instruments are probably not affected.