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Problems of opening the workspace with the new versions of OM

Dear friends,

The other day, my OM 6.19 couldn’t be opened, so I installed OM 6.20 and OM 7.1. When I opened my original workspace, OM 6.20 came up with the following window:

while opening the same workspace, OM. 7.1 appeared this window:

I just need to have one version that can open the original workspace. What should I do? Would you please tell me? Thank you very much!


I can load my workspace now with OM 6.20, as I could yesterday. But I feel that such a situation is not stable…

Dear Shuhan

These are two separate problems.

Problem #1) About type of character, means you are using a n non latin-1 character (here it seems to me a chinese character). If you send me your workspace (zipped) i think I can fix that.

Problem #2) This is because since OM 7.x is based on LW8 and the compiled files are not compatible. I will look into that.


Dear Karim,

Thank you very much!
I have sent you my workspace, please check it.

But for the second problem, what do I have to do to use OM 7.x?


Yes will do ASAP.


I investigated the problem with nonstandard characters on my system. It appeared when I upgraded to MacOS Monterey. I looked through all my files in the workspace and found nothing suspicious. I think the problem was caused by the Polish name of the audio interface - this is where the non-latin letters exist. Switching to English as the system language is a temporary solution.
Now I’m on Ventura and still have to use English, but OM>6.20 doesn’t open the workspace. The OM menu appears, but it hangs when I try to open the Settings. I tried to delete the pref files - no success…
THe problems are there on an intel MacBook. I have another computer with Monterey and there OM 7.1 works just fine with the same Workspace.

Dear Gawix,

THank you for reporting back.
At the time present, no non ascii characters are handled by OM. We are studying the case but this seems rather complicated concerning compatibility.
If OM 7.1 works, please do use it instead 6.20. The reason is that it is updated for M1 and new Mac OSes such as Monterey.