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Problem with omaudiolib in OM7

Hi prof. Karim,

I am having some problems with omaudiolib. In my computer om7 it is working, but I am trying to install om7 on another PC and it is given this message:


and then:


Could you help me? I am not able to solve the problem!

I am in Windows 11-64 Bits.

Thank you very much!

Dear Charles,

This error has been reported to me. However I tested om 7.0 on both Win 10 and Win 11 and didn’t have this problem. Apparently you have an anti virus or something of that sort, that makes the system think that the lib is installed in WINDOWS/system32/ but it ain’t.
Please can you give me the full specification of your machine (cpu, Os version, antivirus, etc…)



The PC with the problem has windows 11. It is one core i5, 8ram, and SSD. I am using the Kaspersky Total Security (I disabled it, but it didn’t work). It is weird because I install the OM 6.20, and it works.

I can do my work with om6 for now. Let me know if I can do something!

Thank you very much!

Try this:

  1. delete omaudiolib.dll from the OpenMusic 7.0 folder.
  2. copy OmAudioLib.dll fron the OpenMusic 6.20 folder to the OpenMusic 7.0 folder.

This should work.
Please do confirm.


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It works, thank you again!