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Problem with Ircam page - help needed


I have an old Romitelli patch to perform on a concert. It uses an old Spat library. The patch is from 2005, so probably it was one of the earliest Spat version. I wanted to download archive Spat, but Ircam page gives me ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. Do you have the same?

Can some one help me with a link to 32-bit Mac version of Spat?


I can access this page, from shop page in older Forumnet site version: http://forumnet.ircam.fr/shop/fr/archived.php?id_product=49&archived=1
It seems to me some 32 bit version is there, the older 32 bit version is from 2013.
I hope this is useful, ciao


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Yes! now it works :slight_smile: