Problem Spat bpatcher : error loading patcher


Hello everyone.
I recently downloaded Spat5, but I cannot make it work. When opening the overview.maxpat, nothing happens, all tabs are blank except for a few text sections and most buttons are missing or not working. The Max console displays many bpatcher error messages.
Also, when opening exemple patches, its as if Max couldn’t find the specific spat objects, such as the viewer.
I have tried it in both Max 7 and Max 8.

What do you think should be done in order to enjoy the power of the Spat ?

Thank you very much for your help.




Hello Maxime,

It seems like Spat is not in your Max search path.
I’d recommend to copy the whole spat5 folder in the Max Packages directory, i.e. ~/Documents/Max 7/Packages or ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages



Thank you very much for the fast answer!
It was indeed that simple, everything seems to be working fine now.