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Pm2 and SuperVP download

I’m trying to download the complete Pm2 and SuperVP packages (including the binaries, etc.), but the download page creates a strange recursive process without never allowing an actual download option, it always return to the software page, where you select, for instance, SuperVP, and when you click on download, it return to the main page, etc. Is that normal? To be sure: I’m logged in when I try to do that.

Hi Jimmie,

do you mean this : Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools | Ircam Forum ?

If not, can you send the links you are talking about… you said “packages” so did you mean the max packages ?



Hi Jerome,

Thanks for your quick reply. I refer to the mention we find on the librairies page “See also this release (with Ircam Forum subscription) including SuperVP kernel”, where when you try to follow the link, you fall in the loop I have described (or at least, I do, maybe because I miss something!). I attached an image, and here is where you can start the process:




You need the CMD tools here : Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools | Ircam Forum

For superVP, go into the preferences/externals… set up your path :


Thank you, Jerome, but as I said, when I follow this link, here is what happens, sequentially:

… I select SuperVP for MacOSX, then…

I select Licence Free (even if I’m already registered)…

… I click on ‘Télécharger’…

… I click on OpenMusic World…

… I click on OM-Librairies…

… I select OM-SuperVP…

… and then restart from the top.

So, for any reason, the actual downloading never occurs.




you need to have a premium license

ok, I see… but it’s not told that these librairies are “Free”?

I’m afraid not… AudioSculpt is a premium software and both CMD tools are the engines of AudioSculpt… But it is a 32 bits soft, and so on…

Dear Jimmie,

To be exact: The om libraries are free, but as Jerome said, the supervp and pm2 binaries are not free unfortunately. You need to be a premium member to get them, because they need a special key to authorize them.


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Hi Karim,
I’ve updated my premium license, and something strange occurs: I can use the activation key for CataRT 1.6.6 (using the copy-paste/pop-up window procedure), but SuperVP or Pm2 are not automatically authorized by doing so, and the activation through OpenMusic’s External preferences pane fails as well, it asks for a valid key (which isn’t normal, since I received my new key less than 15 days ago, so it should still be valid, and it worked for CataRT anyway). Is this something wrong with OM? To be sure, I downloaded the latest library versions and command tools. Also note that my computer is a MacBook Pro M1x, Monterey.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Jimmie,

You should consider authorizing these using this method and not the thru OM:


Hi Karim,

Thank you very much, but it still fails, although I’ve done everything in order.

Could it be a problem with the new Monterey MacOS?



But it could be a matter of authorization key. You did update your account to what exactly?

Yes, Premium individuel annuel.

Ok i am sending you a personal message