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Installing SuperVP or Pm2 (on mac) using the Terminal

Here is howto install the commandline binaries (on mac):

  • Step 1:
    Open the .dmg and copy the supervp folder into your /Applications folder


  • Step 2:
    double-click on the UpdateConfig app

  • Step 3:

Open the Utilities folder in your Application folder and launch the Terminal:

  • Step 4:

Download your Ircam Authorization code and put it on your DESKTOP

  • Step 5

Type in your terminal:

cd Desktop

  • Step 6

Now type:

If you have an Initialization failed message, this means your authorization key is not yet active on your computer. So please do type:
supervp -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_key.txt
like shown below:

Now your are ready to use supervp. Type supervp
If you have this message, it means that the authorization is on: