Orchidea.solve : target not defined ()

Hi there,

I’ve got the issue “orchidea.solve : target not defined ()” in the Max Console when I’m trying to orchestrate a sound I imported before.
Also, I have same issue with the ‘orchestra.solve.maxhelp’ patch, even with examples sounds…
That’s weird because in the tutorial for static orchestration, it works…

I’m using Max 8 with Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.4). (I should never upgrade the OS…)


Thanks for help !


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I have the same on MBP High Sierra…

a buffer problem ! the replace message seems no to work but if you begin at step 0 we have a sound, the bell

So, I’ve downgraded my OS to Sierra (10.12.6) to check if the issue was correlated to the OS System.

And… I got the same issue ! But I’ve spotted an other error in the Max console :

Maybe it can help !


Well, I had a look at orchidea.solve.maxhelp and it works !

Can you explain what you did ?

Nothing very complicated… I have import a .wav… (third process) and follow the instructions… it seems that the .maxhelp are like often the best way to learn

Well… Sorry. I didn’t notate, the little numbers in yellow :rofl: … Thanks !

ok ! Every codes seems to work fine, but it looks like the main patch doesn’t exist yet !