Orchidea.solve : target not defined ()

Hi there,

I’ve got the issue “orchidea.solve : target not defined ()” in the Max Console when I’m trying to orchestrate a sound I imported before.
Also, I have same issue with the ‘orchestra.solve.maxhelp’ patch, even with examples sounds…
That’s weird because in the tutorial for static orchestration, it works…

I’m using Max 8 with Mac OS X Mojave (10.14.4). (I should never upgrade the OS…)


Thanks for help !


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I have the same on MBP High Sierra…

a buffer problem ! the replace message seems no to work but if you begin at step 0 we have a sound, the bell

So, I’ve downgraded my OS to Sierra (10.12.6) to check if the issue was correlated to the OS System.

And… I got the same issue ! But I’ve spotted an other error in the Max console :

Maybe it can help !


Well, I had a look at orchidea.solve.maxhelp and it works !

Can you explain what you did ?

Nothing very complicated… I have import a .wav… (third process) and follow the instructions… it seems that the .maxhelp are like often the best way to learn

Well… Sorry. I didn’t notate, the little numbers in yellow :rofl: … Thanks !

ok ! Every codes seems to work fine, but it looks like the main patch doesn’t exist yet !


please be sure that your target is WAV 16 bit @ 44100Hz (this limitation will be removed in future releases)

Hi Carmine,

I’ve a problem when I want to get a solve which a long .wav (About 05:00, 16 bits & 44,1 kHz) , I’ve all the massages from each attributes of orchidea.solve object and it seems to freeze… I can understand it necessits a long while to process, I’ve really waited a lot but no solution…

THX in advance…

Kindest Regards


I’ve used tutorial 2

it’s hard to tell without knowing the target. However, I successfully orchestrated 40minutes long target without problems.
It could be that your onset threshold is too low and you start orchestrating a very large number of segments (like 10k) or it could be that Orchidea crashes for some reasons along the process and Max stuck there.
Please send me the target and tell me the segmentation parameters you use.

Hi Carmine,

FYI, I use original parameters of the tuto 2, I have the original sound in his buffer, but it still freeze…

Many THX in advance


Hi again,

Even when [buffer~ targetdyn] is filled, with a little sound, sometimes it works and sometimes I have this error :

orchidea.solve: path: /Users/Lotus/Documents/Max 8/Packages/orchidea/docs/tutorials/2.DynamicOrchestration.maxpat
orchidea.solve: start orchestration
orchidea.solve: error: orchidea: target not defined ()



can you send me the target please?