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OM Time Pack

Hi everyone, I’ve read Paul Nauert’s text on his OM Time Pack. The documentation is great. I’ve also read a lot of articles on the mathematical theories behind. But I haven’t found patches using the library. I would be very thankful if some of you could share some patches so I better can understand the practical use.

All the best, Dagfinn


I think there are some examples in the OM Time Pack library unless you’ve seen them already.
I’ve never used the lib, thank you for the link to the documentation.



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Apart from the included “examples” folder in the lib?

I’m not aware of other patches.

Just trawled all the libs at openmusic-project.github.com, and didn’t seem any other libs referred to it.

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Hi Dagfinn,

I have here an old reference manual maybe this will help:
OMTP 2.5 Reference.pdf (319.1 KB)


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Hi Karim, perfekt, thanks a lot, I read immediately after getting the file from you.

Best, Dagfinn

Hi Nadir, thanks for the tip. It looks like the examples are integrated part of the library and not examples. I tried to import them into the Work Space, but the message on Listener is that “can not be imported in the workspace.”

Hi Anders, I was thinking of contacting Paul Nauert, the author of OM Time Pack, but I found out now that he died in 2019 after being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2009. A horrible disease.


Hi Dagfinn,

Well the author called them “omtimepack-tutorial-patches”. All I did is import them from the help → import tutorial patches menu, once the lib is in your OM library folder as you know…

(Too bad, an awful disease indeed.)

Hi Nadir, thanks a lot. My bad. I had to restart Open MUsic, and then your instructions happened!

Best, Dagfinn