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OM-Spat Error | No write acess


I am getting an error when I evaluate some OM-Patches.

The Spat_64.exe tells me that not has access to write in my out-files folder.

I already try to execute the same command in administrator privileges, but it did not work. OM-SuperVP is working normally.

Could someone help me?

I am on Windows 10;
OM-Spat 2.8.

Thank you very much!


Just a guess :

  • Could you try to use an out-files folder that contains no whitespaces and/or no dots ?
  • Or maybe try to ensure that the command line uses quotation marks for the output folder i.e.
  • Finally, make sure the case is correct (in the error message, everything is uppercase which looks suspicious).

Hope this helps,

Dear Charles and Thibaut,

I am not sure if this is Spat related or Lisp related. I will investigate on my vm to see the problem. I know that there are issues with Windows path and OM. This can be optimised better. However, as i don’t have a REAL machine equiped with win OS, i cannot really do the required testings. Will keep you informed.


Ok here is the report.

I seems that the spat.exe doesn’t like paths with spaces, and also is case sensitive. So This has to be reviewed in order to work, maybe on the OM side. What puzzles me is that other binaries such as pm2 and supervp they work well with these artefacts…
So, to be investigated further.


Thanks for the report Karim !
Well, case sensitivity is, in my opinion, the normal and expected behavior. And that also applies on other platforms (mac, linux).
For the whitespaces, I’ll investigate. Have you tried with quotes around the folder path ?


Hi T.

Perfectly right with yo on this. Case sensitivity is important. I will however inspect this from the OM side to be sure.


Thibaut, yes it works now!

Haddad, I could test some things if you want. In my library works, I normally work (inside OM) with string inside a string (I am not sure if it is the correct name). It works very well.

(let* (




  (list->string-fun (list (namestring "MY.EXE path")

    " --input " (list->string-fun (list (namestring (file-pathname sound))))

    " --output " (list->string-fun (list (namestring (outfile sound-out))))

    " --plugin " (list->string-fun (list (namestring (define-VST2-plugin plugin-path)))) "," 

                 (list->string-fun (list (namestring (define-fxp-presets fxp-path)))))))))


(make-value-from-model 'sound (outfile sound-out) nil)))

The list->string-fun it is this code:

(defun list->string (ckn-list)
  (when ckn-list
    (concatenate 'string 
                 (write-to-string (car ckn-list)) (list->string (cdr ckn-list)))))

; Code by "https://gist.github.c/tompurl/5174818"

Thank both of you for the help!