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OM 7.2, OsX fluidsynth and port (not homebrew)

Hi Karim,

Thank you for new version, on Linux Fedora 32 it runs very good.

On OsX I am still using High Sierra and port for installing Linux software: in the beginning I had choosen port, not homebrew, not for a particular reason.

Installing fluidsynth by port, OM 7.2 does not find it. My questions are: is there a way to resolve? Otherwise if I install homebrew may I use it in parallel with port or must I uninstall port before because perhaps they conflict?

Thanks in advance, ciao


Sorry, I was forgotten: installing fluidsynth by port it is located into /opt/local/bin.



Hi Fabio,

You mean you are using MacPorts instead of Homebrew. One thing to know, it is better not to install both!

Now concerning your problem, it appears that it doesn’t look into the correct path. You need the libfluidsynth.dylib, not the binary.

Maybe it is better to use homebrew if you don’t need macports. but not both.

sorry cannot help you further here.


PS: I am posting a how-to fluid/om on the disscussion panel.

Dear Karim,

Thank you for your fast reply. I have uninstalled MacPorts (yes, I meant it…) and installed Homebrew, but High Sierra is too old for installing fluidsynth. even if I try to install the older formula. I will try to reinstall MacPorts and installing fluidsynth, for then trying to manually copying its library in a readable path.

Otherwise no problems, I will continue to use OM with external synths.

If I may ask here (if you prefer I can open another topic), on Linux everything runs good, only I don’t succeeed in playing microintervals on OM Tutorial n. 10, for example. I have created 4 instances of the soundfont, but it always sounds without tone fractions. I remember your session on last Ircam Workshop, you explained that, but now I am not abel to remember exact procedure…

Thanks, ciao


Dear Fabio,

Sorry, my bad! Didn’t include a tutorial for fluid. I am sending you the patch.
fluid-tutorial-10.omp (34.4 KB)

You can also use the fluid-synth-console and choose your tuning:

Now concerning the Macports, yes maybe you should try to figure out how to point to the library. In the future i am planning to recompile the libfluidsynth.dylib in a way it is standalone. The problem on Mac that it is a tricky task.


Hi Karim,

Thank you very much, now I remember better your conference at last Workshop, and I have doscovered fluid menu, very useful.
No problem for Mac fluid, I know sooner or later I will have to update, but I am trying to delay that moment more than possible… :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, have a nice time, ciao