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OM 7.2 Can't open preferences on Windows 10

Hello everyone, I recently installed OM 7.2 on my Windows pc. When I try to open my preferences it gives me an error message, I attached screenshot. Does anyone have the same problem? I uninstalled and installed OM several times, created fresh new workspaces but still it didn’t solved anything.
Thanks in advance!

Dear Yavuztilek,

This means that fluidsynth.dll is not working unfortunately in your system. You seem to miss some dll dependencies. Will get back to you once i can test this on a Win 10.


For the time being, in order to use this latest version, please copy this file into the init folder which is in your OpenMusic 7.2 folder. this will disable fluidsynth.

patch-120423.lisp (150 Bytes)

I will meanwhile, ASAP try to find a solution. Sorry for this.


Maybe you can trey this:

  1. download fluidsynth from here (win 10):
    Release fluidsynth 2.3.2 · FluidSynth/fluidsynth · GitHub

  2. unzip

  3. copy everything from the bin folder except fluidsynth,exe into OpenMusic 7.2 folder

  4. it will ask you to replace, say yes.
    Make sure you remove the above patch (in the first post).

Keep me informed.

Thank you, downloading fluidsynth solved my problem!

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Thank you for reporting back


Hello, I am having the same problem on Windows 11. I have tried downloading fluidsynth 2.3.2 and copying the bin folder as suggested here with no success…
Thanks in advance.

Captura de pantalla 2023-05-17 141644

Dear arteform,

Yes sorry about that. This is because the dll is not compatible with win 11. Just tried it on my newly installed win 11.
I am testing a fix, and will post it ASAP.


Hi again,

Here is the fix. This will not make fluid run, because it needs t be recompiled for win11, but this will let you open the preferences.

Put this in the init folder of OpenMusic 7.2 folder and restart OM:

fluid_fix.lisp (1.3 KB)


Many thanks, Karim, for the quick response to this issue and to many others.