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OM 6.20 sound return

Hi there, back to OM after few years of absence.
Just intalled 6.20 version as I’m using MacOS Monterey. No sound is working, I’ve tried without sucess the R-udp-player despite having followed the different recommandations.

The idea is to have a simple sound return with micro tonal scales

Thanks for your help

Dear Geoffroy,

There are many reasons not to have sound return here:

  1. are you sure you have correctly setup R-udp-player?
  2. i think it uses osc and not the default om midi player
  3. why not using Vmpk: https://vmpk.sourceforge.io/
    it is simpler to setup.
  4. make sure your score objects (voice, chord-seq, etc.) in old patches are correctly setup on the correct player where your synth is supposed to play, (midi player, osc or fluid.)


Thanks for your answer Karim.
Vmpk installed now, recognized by OM but still no sound.
Here the options selected (Om preferences & chord-seq) :

Il faut aller dans les preferences midi de OM, et choisir en default score player: midi-player


Puis selon les editeurs (anciens) il faut choisir le meme si il n’est pas selectionne.


Fait. Toujours rien
choix dans l’éditeur :

Voir ici:

Merci Karim problème réglé. Pour info, il fallait sélectionner “CoreMidi” dans le Midi Setup de Vmpk puis router les ports midi dans OM

bonne journée