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New version of MaxISiS going with ISiS v1.2.8

Dear all,

an update of the Max Project MaxISiS v1.2.8 is online.

Release notes:

  • update to use ISiS v1.2.8
  • no longer use of spat5.shell, use shell object from J. Bernstein instead
  • Patch cleaned and refactored
  • add dates in the file names
  • add copy command_line to clipboard (for debugging)
  • add abort (kill all ISiS processes)

Hi Greg,

With reference to post ISiS Release v1.2.8

I have maintained my mac (rebuilt permissions, repaired disc and so on), and now working on xml/musicxml files on a folder on my desktop everything runs.

Next step is to learn to write lyrics in a correct way; some suggestions?

Thank you in advance, Ciao


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Last post, I promise…: I have found alphabet instructions in ISiS online documentation. I still receive some error, but it is in consequence of my uncorrect musicxml file configuration from Finale or MuseScore encoding.




could you please attach the .cfg and the .log file generated by ISiS ? It should be just next to your xml file. If none of them has been generated, it might be due to your musicxml file. Is your score well display in the score viewer? Thanks for sharing.

All the best


Sorry for late reply, very busy with examinations in my Institute. Well, sometimes score does not display, so I must change lyrics, and sometimes it displays good, but .cfg file is not generated. Other times it runs with xml fles, not musicxml. I enclose two different logs about failures:

_02-16-2021_22h09m54s-RT_None.log (980 Bytes)
_02-16-2021_22h10m51s-RT_None.log (980 Bytes)

It happens also a curious thing: if I drag and drop musixml file on application it is probable it fails, but if I use the “open xml file” button it runs. I enclose cfg and log file of a successful test:

aaa.musicxml_02-16-2021_22h25m46s.cfg (393 Bytes)
aaa.musicxml_02-16-2021_22h25m46s-RT_None.log (12.2 KB)



Hi Fabio,

so the 2 first .log shows that no .cfg scores have been generated. You can read it here: "file _02-16-2021_22h09m54s.cfg does not exist!!’ and ISiS is looking for a file that never exist. So the problem is well related to MaxISiS.

  • sometimes score does not display: Please check if bach.score can read your file in a separate patch.
  • and sometimes it displays good, but .cfg file is not generated: Please, can you send a score snippets that pass the bach.score reading successfully and that does not produce any .cfg file ?

You can also send to me these material in a private message if you don’t want to share scores with the world.

Hope this helps.


Hi Greg,

Sorry for delay, always under examination period.

I have done some test. I enclose the used music.xml file and relative MuseScore file. It is a simple test:

aaa.musicxml (5.2 KB)
aaa.mscz (3.3 KB)

They are on a folder denominated “aaa” on my desktop folder.

I have loaded isis.sh file by pressing the button on Max ISiS patch (not by dragging it).

Then I have loaded musicxml file by dragging it on the score space in Max patch, it has visualized good, but in rendering audio file I have received an error and .log file have been saved into my Home directory. This is the log file of this unsuccessful test:

_02-20-2021_18h45m30s-RT_None.log (980 Bytes)

It reports that cfg file has been not found.

Then I have loaded musicxml file by pressing “open xml file” button on Max patch, it has loaded successful, score was showed good and immediately the software has begun to render audio and it has been played. I enclose cfg and log file of this successful test:

aaa.musicxml_02-20-2021_18h46m32s.cfg (524 Bytes)
aaa.musicxml_02-20-2021_18h46m32s-RT_None.log (15.2 KB)

So, to summarize: it seems to me that in my case if I load musicxml files by button I have a successful result, by dragging them I have not.

For me it is not a problem, only I am curious to know why, if possible. I must advice you that it could be a problem of my computer, in these days I have some problem, perhaps hardware problems (mid 2012 computer), I hope I am wrong…

That’s all, thank you in davance, ciao


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Hi Greg,

Sorry to disturb you again, a little question.

The software runs good, I have done some other short tests, only I must use the button to load the file, dragging option is not functioning on my system.

I have noticed, if I am not mistaking, that the audio file is always saved to the same tempo, I think a metronome of 100.

I can change this feature on generated .cfg file, but, if I may suggest, it could be useful to have this possibility since inside MaxISiS interface, so that you could render audio with incorporated reverb at desired tempo. The rendering by terminal generates a wet audio file, of course. I have not found this feature, if it is somewhere and I didn’t realized it I apoogize in advance.

Thank you, best


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Dear @fdsdb,

thank you for this detailled behaviour report. It’s now on my TODO list to double check every paths are OK disregarding the drag or click import. I’m happy you are now able to use MaxISiS.

Happy Singing Synthesis…

Dear @fdsdb,

Yes, the rendering is dry for the purpose of being used elsewhere with other effect. The nice spat Reverb is a cosmetic way to listen to the result, but is not mixed down the file.

About the tempo 100. ISiS cfg file format requires a tempo because duration of targeted notes are relative to that tempo. So it is rather a rendering tempo than a musical one. For dealing with musical tempi variations, it is better to write them down directly inside the imported musicxml file. Then absolute duration are computed and stored in a bach.roll, finally recomputed using the rendering tempo. You might want to change it for rendering the files faster or slower, but not for tempi variations…

Hope this helps…

Tip: If you are generating a bach.roll directly in Max, you may want to import it directly at the MaxISiS generation stage by skipping the step of importing a bach.score xml file. This is very useful if you want to get rid of quantification issues related to the use of a bach.score.

Dear @beller,

Thank you for your support, now I am beginning to enter ISiS world a little more. I gave experimented a little with MuseScore exported musicxml files (then I will test FInale, too), setting different tempos directly into MuseScore. I enclose the same example with three different tempos (60, 120 and 240); the files are correctly imported (always by button, not by dragging) and rendered.

MM-60.musicxml (12.3 KB)
MM-120.musicxml (12.3 KB)
MM-240.musicxml (12.3 KB)

Because I would like to use this tool in teaching composition, I will test more complex examples trying to render more complete lyrics. If I am not inopportune I will keep you updated on this topic.

About directly using bach score tools I am not still very acquainted with that software (sorry dear friends Andrea and Daniele…), but I will treasure your suggestion.

Thank you again, ciao