Max8 (Same in Max7 and Max6 - 64Bit) will crash loading Spat5


Cannot install the Spat package in Max8, I’ve tryied everything, also in Max6 and Max7, …I get a crash. Any hint? I have only the old ircam-spat, but it’s installed only in Max 6.1.10 and I don’t use it anymore. This was a payed version (ca 200€ for each subscription year)…maybe there is a old license file elsewhere on the mac, a hidden file or a script file that doesn’t alllow a new installation… I don’t know… I’ve tryied to put the entire folder in the package of Max8 in documents, then in the Library (in the max8 folder), then only single files…and Max8 crashes also if I try to load a maxhelp, any mxo loaded will crashes Max…


Which OS are you using ?
There is no conflict with older versions of Spat previously installed, and no hidden file or script.
Newer versions of Spat require that your CPU support AVX extensions, and my guess is that your computer doesn’t support it. See section 2.3 of the Spat5-ReleaseNotes.pdf.
If your computer doesn’t have AVX, you can use Spat 5.0.8 or prior (available in the Archives section). Newer versions won’t work.
If your computer has AVX, then please provide the crash logs or further information.


See Spat5 problems


Reading your facebook posts, everything seems correct, and I have no explanation yet.
Could you please send your crashlogs (not just a screenshot), and your Max support information (click “About Max” then "Copy support information to clipboard) ?
Do you notice issues with other software or other Max Packages ??
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Also, could you maybe try with Spat 5.0.8 ? (even though newer versions are supposed to work on your machine)


Spat 5.0.8 os ok, thanks!!!