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Max 8 and antescofo~

I’m currently revising my musique mixte with flute (“Structure verticale”). I would like to migrate to Max 8 because the new version has some advantages, but I’m encountering problems. My version of the antescofo~ external is “release develop 1.0-235”. Max 8 is the latest (8.1.3). I’m still on High Sierra.

  1. The piece starts with a rest with @fermata attribute. In Max 8 Antescofo doesn’t wait but jumps immediately to the first non-zero NOTE event (a staccato C6), also skipping the group under the beginning NOTE 0 where some initialization should take place. Isn’t a rest with fermata at the beginning the best way to start a score? Is there a better way to synchronize the start?

The dropped initialization may be the reason that a lot of actions in the score do not work.

  1. When stopping Antescofo it complains “antescofo~: current scope: finalize_and_stop” (in alarming red). (The current scope is the whenever I coded with your help, see thread Output into a file, which works fine in Max 7.)

So I’m sticking with Max 7 for the moment.

Hello Kyl.

That is a bad idea. Antescofo is designed to wait the first event. But it is difficult to make the difference between the silence that precedes the beginning of the performance and the silence (with a duration) that starts a piece.

I suggest to start the antescofo score with the first non-silence event of the play. You can put all the initialization before this first event. For instance

$a := 0
print Hello $a

print first event

The initialization of $a and the printing of “Hello 0” on the Max console will be triggered as soon as you hit “start”. Then antescofo will wait the occurrence first event “NOTE C4 1” to trigger the second message.

Oh, I must have misunderstood something I read about the begin of a score some time ago. I just removed the NOTE 0 1 @fermata at the beginning, leaving the group initialize there (before the first actual event) – and it works fine. Thank you.