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Markers in spat5.sfplay~

Dear all,

I am trying to find a new simple and reliable way to trigger events synchronized on a given soundfile at given points. A possible solution would be to imbed the orders as markers in the wave files. Fortunately, spat5.sfplay~ does almost exactly that, i.e. reads markers and outputs when the playing head reaches a marker.

But: marker names does not seem to recall the markers’ names from wave files, only their order and positions. I tried to create wave files with markers using Reaper and Izotope, both are able to save and read the files with markers, but not spat5.sfplay~, which labels them as “1”, “2”, …

It seems to work well with AIFF files, though. But then I have another problem: I cannot render AIFF files with markers in Reaper, only WAVE.

All the best,


Hello Alexis,

If I remember correctly, AIFF markers are taken from the “MARK” chunk, and they have a string label.
For WAV files, I use the “CUE” chunk as kind of markers; but CUEs dont have a label, they only have an integer identifier (four bytes ID).

How do you store markers in wav files ? Could you provide some test files (with the expected list of markers) ? I’ll have a look when I have a minute, and I’ll see if it’s possible to improve spat5.sfplay~


Hi Thibaut,

OK, I’ll send you some example files directly…


This will be supported in the next release.