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Live tutorial on Orchidea - May 29, 9.30-11am PT

@carminecella , if you need some help to set this up, please tell us (@palumbo, @lizgorsen). One possible solution with zoom is to make a discussion with a happy few crew and to stream on YT of FB in the meantime for the others.

Very good initiative, I’m definitely in ! Thanks

Hi Carmine this a very great news! Please send me an email for arrange everything including communication etc… Cheers Paola

Yes please!!! A live tutorial would be amazing!


Posting it afterwards, or even re-streaming it, on YouTube would be a very good idea. It woud especially be great if the live tutorial also included Orchidea’s command line tools, given that there is still no available documentation for it and everything else is already fairly well-documented.

All the best,

Dear all
thanks again for your interest.
I’ll coordinate with Ircam and other institutions to organise a talk. I think I’ll use Zoom but I will record the stream in order to diffuse it online afterwards.
I’ll post here other news.

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That would be great !!! All the Best D

Dear all
thanks for your interest in Orchidea!

On May 29, 9.30-11am PST I’ll do an online “hands on” session on the Orchidea tools
for computer-assisted orchestration.

I’ll introduce the Max/MSP toolbox and the standalone GUI application and I’ll
give several examples on how to use these tools.

I’ll do this using Zoom and I’ll post the invitation link, the day before,
on this thread.

Hope to see you there!

Great Carmine! Good idea. I’ll try to reach the group.

Fantastic, hope to be there !

Hi Carmine,

And please don’t forget about Orchidea’s command line tools’ tutorials. You told here on the forum they would be out mid February, we’re already on the third week of May.

Also, anyone can use the “join from browser” link from your link if you enable it, that way people won’t have to install anything on their systems. Anyway, looking forward to seeing this on Orchidea’s YouTube channel, later on…

All the best,

Great !
I’m interested too


Hi Carmine,

Thank you very much. I have lesson online with my students until 19 PM (Italian time, I suppose 10 AM PST), so I will reach you a little later.



Excellent news, Carmine! I’ll join and I’m sure many of my students will as well.

Very good idea… I’ll be there.

Fantastic Carmine! Great idea

Hi Carmine,
I am very much looking to joining in on this! Thank you.

Hi Antonio
yes I’ll present the command line tools too. You can download the OSX version from the website, for Windows I still don’t have a machine a can use to test.

Hi Carmine,

I meant the tutorials that were supposed to be out mid February (as discussed here.) I already have the tools, I’ve had them for quite some time.

My main point, though, was that there’s no need for anyone else to install Zoom (or even create a Zoom account, actually) if you enable it. Given what you had said previously about it, I thought that might be useful for you to know…

All the best,

yes ill enable the option