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Working with the Orchidea command line tools


Has anyone worked with
the Orchidea command line tools ?
Can you explain how to use them ?
I ask the question because they should be
on line for the Windows version in
the next release of Orchidea.

hi Lassal
there will be soon a video tutorial on how to use command line tools.
Also, we are preparing a Windows version of them.

Can’t wait to try it

hi Carmine, Lassal

I’d like to second the request for a tutorial.

would also like to try the command line tools, but have no idea how to go about it. saw yesterday they just came out for Windows but I don’t even know how to install them tbh, never mind how to use them.

So if you’re still planning to make a tutorial, please make it for dummies and include the installation process. :wink:

best wishes