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Issue with "yaw" and "aperture" parameters in spat5.HOA.encoder~ and spat5.pan~

Hello everyone,

I’m working with Max and using the objects spat5.HOA.encoder~ and spat5.pan~ for an audio spatialization project. However, I’m encountering issues when trying to use the “yaw” and “aperture” parameters. When I send a message to control “yaw”, I get the following error in the console:

“spat5.hoa.encoder~: error occurred when processing “/source/1/yaw 90.”. Reason: invalid coordinate format: “yaw””

I receive a similar error for spat5.pan~.

Additionally, I encounter the same issue when trying to send a command for “aperture”:

“spat5.hoa.encoder~: error occurred when processing “/source/1/aperture 30.”. Reason: invalid coordinate format: “aperture””

I have verified that the commands are addressed correctly, but it seems that “yaw” and “aperture” are not recognized.

I have seen that these parameters are not supported for spat5.panoramix~, but I want to confirm if they are also not supported for the objects I’m using.

Can anyone provide suggestions on how to control the “yaw” and “aperture” parameters or confirm if these parameters are indeed not supported with spat5.HOA.encoder~ or spat5.pan~? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello Alberto,

Thanks for the report, and sorry the error messages are not entirely clear here. (I’ll try to fix that)

Indeed, yaw and aperture are not supported by these objects. They are supported by spat5.spat~ (and its associated control object spat5.oper). Yaw and aperture essentially affect the reverb effect; spat5.hoa.encoder~ and spat5.pan~ do no include reverb effect, therefore the incompatibilities.

At the moment, yaw and aperture are also not supported in spat5.panoramix~, although I hope to add this in the future.

Hope this helps,

Hello T.,

Thank you for the clarification. That makes it much clearer.

I appreciate your help!

Best regards,