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ISiS V1.3.0 release candidate 7


it took a while but we are closing in towards a new release of the ISiS software. For the moment I have produced a release candidate package with version 1.3.0-rc7, which you can download as a preview from here

download ISiS-V1.3.0-rc7

This version includes the ISiS software together with new versions of the three ISiS voices RT, MS, and EL.


– Updated Python used internally to 3.9.19
– Added native version for MacOSX ARM
– Added new script text2score.sh that you can run from the installation folder of ISiS. Text 2 score
allows producing a ISiS score cfg file from a given txt file. This script is supposed to simplify a score for a given text. It will convert the text into the XSAMPA lyrics format required by ISiS, and produce the appropriate number of notes using a constant pitch and duration for all notes. This script simplifies converting a given text into XSAMPA lyrics, avoiding errors related to a mismatching number of vowels and other noite information in. the score.
– replace the internal representation of the score by means of a python class Song, and replace the intermediate loudness and F0 parameter files in XML format, by means of a single JSON-file containing all the score and style information. FInalization of the JSON-file structure is still ongoing and is the major missing point before the final version 1.3.0 is released.
– reannotated the voice files of RT, MS, and EL, such that the problems that have occasionally appeared notably with the RT VOICE in ISiS 1.2.9, are solved. The release candidate has been tested to run smoothly on all three supported configurations with all three voices, for all bug fixes that have been reported with previous versions of ISiS.

Changes to be expected for the final release:

– new soprano voice RK (is still under refinement).
– finalization of JSON-file format avoiding all existing redundancies.
– Example Python source code that demonstrates reading, manipulating, and writing the fully parameterized song representation from the JSON-file.


The installation has been tested on MacOSX ARM64 only, I am rather confident that it works on the other configurations as well. Note, that as before ISiS does not come with notarization. As we managed to notarize Circe it should be possible to notarize ISiS as well, but due to internal constraints, this cannot be done before the end of summer.

Until then I can share a rather simple approach that as far as I see should allow avoiding any problems with the MacOS quarantine. If you downloaded ISiS to your downloads folder, you should be able to remove the security

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/ISiS_V1.3.0-rc7_nomkl_OSX_arm64.dmg

or for a computer running with Intel processor

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine ~/Downloads/ISiS_V1.3.0-rc7_OSX_i386.dmg

Backwards Compatibility

For everything concerning the command line interface the new version supports mostly the same flags as version 1.2.9. Therefore, ISiS 1.3.0 should run with MaxISiS without problems.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems.