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Is there a spat5.trajectories index for relative position?

in order to sync a trajectories to a specific clock, we’d need to have a “kind of” index for moving a source all along a trajectories where 0. would mean start point and 1. end point.

it would bypass the inner clock/speed/rate stuff and would drive the source all along a trajectory using external message (or signal)

is there a way to do that ?

Hi Julien,

This is not really possible at the moment, because trajectories are not aware of any “start” or “end” point.
However this is an interesting feature request, and I will try to implement it whenever I have time.


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Hello @tcarpent and thanks a lot for your answer.

I was expecting it because the message /restart is implemented and, actually, restart the trajectory to a specific position for each trajectory.

Good to know, btw.

Best regards

ps: we did a custom thing using a phasor locked to transport and using restart for re-sync.

Hello Julien,

Please find below a beta build (for macOS) where I added a new message to “navigate” in the timeline of the trajectory (see new tab in the help patcher).
Let me know if that suits your needs.
(that should work for most trajectories, but I still need to verify the maths for particular cases)




omg! what a good news !
we’ll do our best to test this asap.

Hello @tcarpent, we tested it :slight_smile:
It works fine !

In Max, and in Max for Live in patching mode (amxd opened in patching mode I mean) it works perfectly: 0 to 100 for traveling from the beginning to the end of the trajectory

In Max for Live “running mode", the trajectory goes from 0. to … 2π :smiley:
Which is totally fine as soon as we discovered it (scaling is easy) but I just can’t figure out why.


Thanks for the quick feedback (and for the original feature request).
That is strange, though : the object should behave similarly in Max and Max for Live…
What do you mean by “Max for Live running mode” ?


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sorry for the delay.
I meant when the patch is not opened, and the max for live device is running.