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Irregular speaker positioning in Spat/revolution/flux etc

Hi Im sure this is easy enough int he max version - but in the commercially available stuff for integrating with daws/ableton/nuendo etc - is there a way of programing the positions of speakers and using amplitude panning in that array. For example a line of speakers 100 metres long or speakers arranged around a series of corridors etc ( I am aware of workarounds) - basically can you draw a map of speakers in spat and then pan around it ? These are for large scale installations whioch people walk around so there is no “listener position” or sweet spot.

Hi Augustine,
I’m not sure to 100% understand your question.
Flux Spat Revolution has “essentially” the same features as Spat for Max. In particular, it supports KNN panning which might be suited for your use case. And of course you can specify the speaker coordinates according to your setup. So that should work.


Hey Thibaut.
I hope you’re good.Perfect KNN panning sound ideal. Is there by any chance a tutorial on how to draw speaker maps/coordinates online? I’m also wondering how it would integrate with the bus structure in nuendo. Tx


For questions specific to Flux Spat Revolution, I suggest that you contact Flux:: support directly. (Personally, I cannot help with questions related to Nuendo, etc.)
Also, please have a look at the available online resources (see links below). Maybe there’s already some hints for you there.

All the best,

SPAT Revolution Resources :

SPAT Revolution Documentation :


Tuto videos :