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Interpolate between rooms?

Dear Community,

For a VR project, I would like to be able to mix between rooms smoothly.

What would be the best approach to this?

Best regards, Marijn

We are using steam audio for these things, which limits our reverb output to a 7.1 format. However, we can use all of its raytracing audio capabilities. We then send everything via jack to spat VBAP and have some (up to 56) sources as mono object, which can be positioned on our 24 speaker array. This way, we can have precise localization and geometrically informed reverb.
It also allows us to create a fallback binaural mix inside the game engine so you can still hear everything even if jack/spat is not available.

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Thank you, That seems like a good solution. Still, I would like to find out if there is a way to mix between rooms in spat, out of curiosity.

@schroedingersca : sounds like a nice job ! Congrats.

@marijn : there is no trivial way to “mix between rooms smoothly”.
One possibility is to create snapshots and interpolate between them. See spat5.snapshot.management.maxpat for basic information about snapshots.
If you want to interpolate only the room settings, you might not want to store a “complete” snapshot (of spat5.oper for instance). In that case, spat5.osc.interpolate might be useful (see help patcher).
However, some Spat reverb settings are not very interpolation-friendly (and can generate unpleasant artefacts). Instead, you might have to run multiple spat5.spat~ in parallel and apply crossfades to smoothly mix from one to another.


Thank you for the suggestions. I have chosen to go for the double spat5.spat~ solution. This works quite well.

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After struggling with interpolating instances of ircamverb~ We have decided to take the steam audio route! It also integrates a lot better with Unity3D. 7.1 is a high enough spatial resolution to localize reverberation after all. I would be very interested to know your experiences with this, and what factors to take into account. We are also using Jack audio connection kit.

Greetings, Marijn.