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HOA wav file format checking: ACN-SN3D?

A question from a candidate for ISAC2024.
Is the SN3D normalization written in the wav file information chunk ?
Which tool can I use for checking this info in a wavefile.


As far as I know :

  • No, the normalization is not written in the WAV metadata/chunk, at least for ‘conventional’ WAV files.
    Some specific file formats - such as ADM or CAF - might include this info; but these do not match the ISAC2024 specifications.
  • There is no tool for checking this info.

How was produced the file you are referring to ?

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The file was produced through Ardour or Logic Pro.

I believe Ardour or Logic would not integrate any Ambisonics related information in the WAV chunk.
(But I admit that I havent tried with recent versions of these tools.)

If you’re curious, there’s a number of tools to inspect (or edit) the WAV metadata; see for instance BWF MetaEdit.
But again, such metadata is not requested by the ISAC committee.

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