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Future of TS2

Only recently I’ve found out TS2 and I have to say I’m impressed with its UX and features. I’m almost ready to buy it. But having some less than fortunate experiences in the past with various niche software I have few concerns and questions that I hope could be answered here first.
Is TS2 still in active development, since last major update happened two years ago? Are there major features coming in the near future? Are there plans to expand on spectral tools, like editing only selected harmonics?
Thanks in advance for a responce.

No, it’s only maintenance. I recommend you take a look at the ASAP project, which offers the same features and much more in the form of plugins.

Thanks for reply, Guillot

It is sad to see such a great tool stop growing, at least it will be maintained. Yesterday I’ve found it at a very attractive discount price and decided to get it. It works fast & so far stabile on my pretty basic M1 machine. I’m happy that I’ve decided to jump in & buy it because its features work damn well!
I hope that decision to abandon further development of TS2 could be revised at some point. Different marketing strategy could go a long way.

Unfortunately for me both DAWs that I use - Ableton Live & Bitwig - doesn’t support ARA2, so I could use only a fraction of ASAP potential.

Best wishes.

The next version of ASAP offers standalone app of the ARA plugins so you can use the features outside your DAW or as an external editor :wink: You can already test the development version here ASAP Development Versions

I will take a look, thanks for the tip! :slight_smile: