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Fullpacket translation into OSC messages

Dear developers,

The dump outlet of spat.viewer will output a fullpacket. Is there a way to translate that fullpacket into the OSC-messages that are embedded in it? None of the spat5 objects that can read the fullpacket have any output that is not fullpacket as well as far as I can see. Nicest would be to have spat5.OSC.route being able to read fullpacket and then spit out plain OSC_messages.

Example use: Use the spat viewer to manually set default source positions as a preset use /dump and then later retrieve those presets to do some processing on them. For example begin positions of a source trajectory.

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,
I guess you’re searching for spat5.osc.iter

Hi Thibaut,

Yes, indeed. I could not find it in the documentation when I was looking for fullpacket instead of bundle…

Thanks a lot.

Best, Hans.