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Thanks Karim for the OM 7.2 update!

I had some problems following your instructions on how to install Fluidsynth. Terminal (MacOS) said that some code was missing. So I went over to Homebrew https://brew.sh and copied the link into Terminal

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)”

and followed the instructions. One has to be patient, it takes some time before everything is downloaded.

Now it is up and running.

Best, Dagfinn

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Dear Dagfinn,
Great then have fun!


Hmmm! I have fluidsynth 2-3-2 successfully installed on a Mac via Homebrew as per your instructions (thanks!) but OM 7.2 doesn’t seem to automatically link to it or recognise it or find it. Why might that be, Karim??!

Hi Nick,

  1. On what OS version?
  2. Did you install OM in the /Applications folder?


Os 13.3.1 and yes, in the applications folder

Can you do the following:

  1. open the terminal
  2. type: ls -la /opt/homebrew/lib/libfluid*

and please do post the answer. This is just to see if fluid was correctly installed.


zsh: no matches found: /opt/homebrew/lib/libfluid*


OK sorry to have troubled you. I’ve just run homebrew again and this now works. I’m not sure why it didn’t before but all good now. Thanks.

Maybe you rebooted your machine?
Anyhow, happy to learn that it working. Have fun


Yes - the reboot seemed to be the answer. Thanks for your help though - I’m glad it was simple!

Hi Karim ! Just a quick note of thanks for the update and to let you know that Fluidsynth is working nicely here on my Mac M1. Thanks again, I hope all is well for you & yours these days.


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Hi there ! Fluidsynth installed and running here. However I got this error while trying to set up different instruments on midi channels other than #1 (I’m compiling OM using LW Hobbyist edition 64bit on an Intel mac) :

And btw, sorry Karim, is there a way to load synths and set the values of a Fluid-Synth-Console (Tuning, Gain, Pan and so on) by means of Lisp? (I don’t want to do this by hand every time I switch OM on) …
Cheers. M.

Dear Mauro,

If you are running on sources, it could be that the fluid-synth-console, should be updated, ie in the sources I have augmented the settings. I am not sure though. Can you start with a new console, and see if you get the same error and please tell me when this occurs.


Answers to the second question:


  1. channels
    The consoles (synth/mix) they keep the settings. And with the channel mixer/consile you can also use the presets to save different setting.

  2. Sf2 fonts:
    In the preferences, you can allocated different sf2 fonts for each of your synth using sf2 setup and then choosing using the folder icon. You can then save the setting (save button), and load (load button). The saved file is a text file with a unix path namestring

  3. For loading the synth:
    Again, it is a very good idea dear Mauro. For the time being, you have to load manually the synth by pressing the load button in the preferences. However, it is possible to add a check box to allow an autoload once the workspace is openned. This is not yet possible, since if you change environment, the synth may fail to load. Loading a synth implies loading along sf2 files. So if you change environment (machine, move fonts around) this could fail to load the synth. So I will make this feature possible of couse. On the todo list

THere are some info here which will be augmented as soon as i can fix the Monterey/Ventura issue:

And sorry, for this long post.

thanks for the infos dear Karim !

Hi Karim,

Thank you for the 7.2 update!

Is quarter tone and eighth tone supported with FluidSynth at this time? I’ve got it working to play back within OM: loaded 4 instances of the .sf2, selected FluidSynth for MIDI playback, and ensured that playback at the score level is set to fluid synth. I hear notes, but not detuned. Is there another config panel I’m supposed to adjust the pitchbend for channels 2,3 and 4?

Thanks Karim!


Ah! I see if I add a FLUID-SYNTH-CONSOLE class object to the patch and open it up, I can select a micro tuning option. Is this the correct way or is there a global panel somewhere?



Yes you can detune thru the fluid-synth-console or in a more “classic” om way (tutorial 10):

here is the patch:
fluid-tutorial-10.omp (34.4 KB)

Most of these fluid methods are to be found in the Functions->Audio-> Fluid menu.

I am sorry for not including tutorials. Had to make the release prematurely. Will do this in the next release.


Thank you Karim! That’s great. Much appreciated.