Feature request for om7

hello all,
I dare to suggest a new feature for om7 after the positive feedback I received in the list. not wanting to annoy anyone but just setting the ground for comments and discussion. I’m not sure if it’s possible but here it goes: how about user-setting the x-step in editors? how about setting non-uniform grids? I mean with different values. I thought of this as I sometimes use uneven divisions of a beat (haha as a user-defined ‘swing’ or ‘notes inégales’). and that kind of grid would be of great help.
I would like to add another one, related to the previous one: quantisation for chord-seqs. I already did some programming for it but in an inelegant way although it serves its purpose for now. but having a finer detail in quantising would be also great. when I use random-driven generation for time distribution I find it hard to quantise those values and retain its character (and on top of that trying to preserve a musician friendly rhythm notation).
I know that chord-seqs are not meant to be some kind of sequencer, but I really feel more comfortable with this objects than with commercial sequencers aiming to a different kind of music.
thanks for your comments,

Dear Perti,

what you suggest is perhaps similar to my quantization-method which is part of my personal Library „OM-Carlo“. Its not documented yet, but I made a simple example (see PDF-Link) for you to demonstrate the concept (musician friendly rhythmic notation):

  1. Define a “Quant-Space” (Bars with different tempi, divs, beats…)
  2. Adjust at one or different Quant-Level (inside the Chord-seq-Object)
  3. Transform to a Voice-Object or Export via MusicXML

Have a look and tell me if its corresponding…

demo-rhy-patch.pdf (2.7 MB)

hello wolf66,

this is roughly the same I was thinking of. just a bit more complex but full of possibilities. nice work! is that library available, or going to be at some point? please keep us posted.
one of the things I was concerned about in quantising chordseqs is because it seems I cannot understand the voice and poly objects well enough, what I get from those is different of what I get when exporting (to midi or whatever). so I feel more confident with chordseqs and multis. and these seem more easily editable. at the moment I’m using a ‘best-match-from-list’ function, which takes a list of onsets (and/or durs) and ‘corrects’ each one to a list of candidates, for placing them into a ‘notationally readable’ grid. maybe it’s not elegant programming but fittes my needs up to now.
please let us know about OM-Carlo, seems very very promising! I volunteer to beta-test.
thank you again Wolfgang,

Dear Perti,

generally the quantization topic is very complex and needs a lot of user-specific knowledge about good musical notation. I agree that the chord-seq object is the best place to work on rhythms anyway. because you can handle things more feely and intuitiv. Hopefully the OM7 version of the chord-seq object stays pure und simple (without too much extras).
At the moment I’m not planning to share my library, but thanks anyway for your offer to be a volunteer beta tester!