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Error while open OM7.1 / 7.2 and no workspace

Dear Karim,

Firstly, thanks for your continued help.

I met error message while I open OM7.1 and OM7.2, and then nothing I can do, no workspace, preference was empty, even I have to force quit the app.

My laptop is MacBook Pro18 with intel core and Ventura 13.2.1. And it seems there hasn’t any non-latin character in the paths.
("/Applications/OM\ 7.2.app", and “/Users/ye-mbp18/OM/7space”)

What’s the message talking about? (attached)

All the best,


Dear Ye,

Can you

  1. quit OM
  2. go to the workspace folder
  3. open workspace folder
  4. delete preferences.lisp
  5. start OM 7.1 NOT 7.2

this will hopefully work


Dear Karim,

Sorry I forgot to get back to you to say thank you, yes it works. A new preferences.lisp lets OM run.

Why “start OM 7.1 NOT 7.2”? Seems like 7.2 runs fine. But I didn’t check all the patches.