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Error message when positioning speakers randomly


After setting random positions of loudspeakers in spat5.viewer for testing purposes, I have such error messages :
"spat5.pan~: error occurred when processing “/speaker/7/xy 0.826748 0.669196”. Reason: invalid loudspeaker setup: speaker #11 and #5 have almost the same angular direction (azimuth/elevation) "

What are the consequences of such messages? Does it mean spat5 will not function correctly or does it only break some guideline and has no real consequence?

Thank you.


Most panning algorithms rely on the angular directions of the loudspeakers (their azimuts, elevations).
When multiple loudspeakers exhibit the same directions (for example : aed=[30 0 1] and aed=[30.5 0 5]), the panning algorithm will fail, with “real consequences” (such as audible artefacts).

In general : if the problem is “minor”, spat throws a warning (in yellow) but still operates “at your own risk”. If the problem is “major”, spat throws an error message (in red) and DSP rendering might be disabled (until you fix the setup issue).


It appears I had set the wrong panning mode in spat5.pan~. With the right mode everything is fine now. Thank you @tcarpent!