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Error 126 loading external spat5.spat~ on Windows

I would like to use spat package (last version 5.1.0) but when I call the object “spat5.spat~” I’ve this message :
Error 126 loading external spat5.spat~
I’ve a windows machine of course… And with max 7.

I tried many things, nothing works.

I thing it’s mayby a error of compilation, but I don’t enough to know what to do.

Looking for some helps, thanks!


Hi Clément,

How about that :

macOS :

  • mount the Spat 5 disk image
  • copy the content to your Max Packages folder (typically ~/Documents/Max 7/Packages)
  • launch Max in 64 bit mode


  • install the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2017”; you can (freely) download it from Microsoft website: https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/.
    Select “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable” and “x64” and follow the instructions for installation.

  • unzip the spat 5 archive, and copy the content to your Max Packages folder

  • copy the following DLL files from the Spat package:
    alongside the Max 64 bit executable i.e.: C:\Programmes\Cycling ’74\Max 7\

  • launch Max 64 bit

(in the previous instructions, replace “Max 7” with “Max 8” if needed)

Thanks for answer so quickly.
I’ve allready see this solution but I don’t really understand… Can you explain me a little bit more please ? I have to find “Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable” in the individual conponent ?

Maybe this link will be easier :
Then download the “vc_redist.x64.exe” file (Visual Studio 2017) and install it.


Perfect !
It’s work!
Thank you so much I spend the whole day with that…


Some news about this, I’ve just have this (error 126) because the .dll dependencies were not in the same folder as Max

Hi Thibaut

I keep having some grahic (and audio) trouble.

I installed this version of 2015-2019 visual studio package, but I have some graphic interface issues with Max 8. See pictures attached, dependencies are in the right place I believe also. T

  1. Before launching Panoramix, everything was looking fine, now the audio looks weird, what could be the reason for it?
  2. If I click on the AUDIO is OFF, it would turn on, but the audio status would still be OFF.
  3. Overall panoramix is weirdly slow and unresponsive.

Any clue of what’s going on? The laptop is brand new, fresh install.




Hi Axel,

For Panoramix you need to use Jack and it must be set in input audio device of Panoramix in order to receive each track from your DAW… Spat is well installed, but there’s many troubles with Panoramix on Windows, even with the standalone version…

As you use a “modern” OS, you don’t need to install the C++ framework anymore…



Until 6 months ago I used ReaRoute flowlessly, which was great.

But what could the graphic issue be?

Sorry, I can’t tell you more about that, let’s see what Thibaut will say… I must confess, I’m really interested by his advice too…

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Hi Axel,

It’s not totally clear to me :

  • are you using Panoramix, the standalone application ?
  • or the Spat5 package in Max ?

When using Max8 on your computer, do you notice graphic/audio issues (regardless of spat/panoramix) ?

Are you using the latest Max / Spat / Panoramix ?
What is the version of your OS ?

As Jérôme mentioned, in theory you dont need the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribuable anymore. I don’t know if uninstalling it would make a difference… Can you try ?

Can you provide more details about “the audio looks weird” ? Can you send a video demontrating the slowness / unresponsiveness ?


sorry for the confusion Thibaut

I’m using Panoramix as spat5 package.

I don’t notice any other graphic/audio issue

I tried both Max 8.0.8 and 8.1.1, spat 5.1.3 running on 32 bit because of ReaRoute, panoramix part of the spat package

I have other stuff using the visual c++ packages, but i’ll take the risk of uninstalling them if needed :slight_smile:

The audio status looks weird (text randomly overlayed, only when launching the panoramix patch) as by the picture I sent. I will send a video on monday if needed.

Thanks for your help!

Anyone? :slight_smile: I’m just tryinf to understand why it’s behaving so badly

Could you maybe try with “Panoramix-Ircam-NoMC.maxpat” instead ?
I suspect something wrong with MC on Windows.



You mean that the .dll dependencies should be in the same installation folder as Max (disk C en Windows, for example)?

I’ve built a Max for Live device using spat5.ircamverb~ which works fine on my computer, but when I run it in another pc I have this 126 error because can’t load that external.

I have not tried yet to install the Visual C++ libraries.


The .dll must be in the same folder of the Max application
which is ~/program files/cycling’74

Install Spat 5 and its dependences (the five .dll) on the target PC

Hoping it helps !



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If you’re building Max for Live device, you need to copy the dependency DLLs in the same folder as the Max executable that is used by Live. (this is a specific version of Max that is shipped with Ableton Live)
Typically, this is located in :


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Finding the Max application provided with Ableton Live

With MacOS: ~/Applications/Ableton Live 10 Suite.app/Contents/App-Resources/Max/Max/Max.app

To get there, open the Application folder and open the application package (right click on the Ableton Live application)

With Windows: C:ProgramData/Ableton/Live 10 Suite/Resources/max

ProgramData is a hidden folder. In the Windows display tab you have to enable Show hidden files.

Thank you! Copying spat files to the Max folder solved the issue.