I downloaded the OMTristan (v.3.4) Library but I cant find the sub-patches mentioned…

Any Idea where can they be?

I appreciate it.


OMTristan doesn’t include any patch or tutorial.
I’m not sure what “sub-patches” are you referring to ?


I found this SPEAR to OM patch (in a PDF) referring to the use of OMTristan, the Dist-frq and the visu-chseq in theory should be part of the library of Tristan, but they are not… or at least I dont have it in the most recent one, so not sure where to get it. (check the Pages-from-Klingbeil_Dissertation_web.pdf)


Sub-patches are usually not part of a library (except if they are in the tutorials included with the library).
They are just programmed by users.
So, I guess you should ask the author of this PDF !


I do not know how to interpret the text then:



Well, yes, I don’t know either then :slight_smile: — another good reason to ask the author !

I’d say there is a confusion here between “Tristan Murail libraries”, which probably refers to the personal libraries and patches of Tristan Murail (who I beleive was the supervisor of M. Klingbeil while writing this essay), and OMTristan: a library that has been inspired by these tools:

It is possible that OMTristan contains a function similar to this dist-frq patch. Maybe someone else on this forum can tell… ?


Dear Jean, dear maxxs,

I suspect first it is just a simple om-scale. THen I suspect also , that the first example (0.9 1 0) is erronous. It should look like a : (0.5 1 0). By the way can’t tell ehat the third param is for as indicated transpo.
i attach a screenshot.
I might also have some tunings not really as expected since maxx’s screenshot is very low quality, and i ain’t got the book.