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Combine two panning type togheter

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to use 2 spat5.spat~ modules in the same project (but the same loudspeakers configuration - 8) with sources with different panning types?

In particular, I need to use 4 sources with the vbap2d and 2 sources with hoa2d panning.

Maybe this is an unconventional use, but I would like that the 4 sources have more directionality, and the others with hoa2d less directionality as “diffuse sources”.

If you have any suggestions, they are welcome.

Thank you

Hi Massimiliano,

Yes sure, you can use multiple spat5.spat~ in the same project/patcher. No problem!
This is actually a rather conventional use. Mixing different panning types makes total sense.


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Thank you so much!