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Changing reverb time with a convolution reverb?

Hi Thibaut
I was wondering if there is a way to change in real time the reverb time of a convolution reverb.
I have a nice and long impulse response (almost 30 seconds). It is working fine with spat5.conv~
But I would like to change the reverb time sometime (to “clear” the reverb in a way).
Is there a way to do that ?
With spat5.hybrid~ is there a possibility to change the reverb time of the FDN part without changing the early part ? This would work for my purpose I think

Hi David,

That’s a long IR !
Unfortunately there is currently no way to change the reverb time in real time.
You could try to do it offline, applying a decaying enveloppe to your IR.
We’ll see if we can implement something more user-friendly in spat5.conv~ for future versions.
Ideally spat5.hybrid~ should be able to do this too (and even increasing the reverb time); but at the moment it’s very experimental, unfinished, untested, and I would recommend not to use this object.