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Buttons display bug on OS Mojave

Hi all,
I’m on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) with OS Mojave 10.14.3, and I noticed that in many occasions OM doesn’t display correctly the fundamental “Ok”, “Close” buttons. For example, when trying to change an icon, the image (as you can see from the screenshot) cannot be set, because the buttons have disappeared, and I cannot close the window without executing a forced exit from OM. Moreover, even in the “OpenMusic-Workspaces” window the “Ok” and “Quit” buttons are absent. I really hope that this annoying bug can be solved easily.
Francesco Vitale


I forgot to mention that the OM version that I’m trying to use is of course the last one (6.14).

I’m getting the same problems with 6.12** and Mojave.
any progress on this?
also there are no apply buttons.
is this behaviour affecting all Mojave users or just some people only?
thanks in advance for any info.
**edit: sorry, I said 6.15 before, I’ve got confused with my windows version!

ok, it’s working fine with 6.15.
I know that 6.15 Mac version has some changes regarding the previous ones, I’m hearing any advice or recommendation on this.
thanks in advance again,

Hello Perti. See this related thread:

This issue with dialog buttons appeared with macOS Mojave.
You can find a temporary fix for OM 6.14 (and probably earlier versions, too) at the link above, and then the problem was fixed in OM6.15.