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Best routing to add reverb in a 26-inputs 10-outputs KNN setup?


I have many stereo sources panned in KNN mode in a 10-speakers setup (a central stereo plus an eight-channel circle around). Therefore I have a spat5.pan~ with 26 inputs and 10 outputs.

I want to add some global (spatialized) reverb but I want the reverb send to be adjustable for each source. However, it is not clear for me which solutions are possible and how to apply them.

Of course, there’s spat5.reverb~ but I don’t understand if I should insert it before or after spat5.pan~.

Alternatively, is it possible to convert either the input or the output stream into a HOA stream and insert in this stream an HOA reverb using the vst~ (or possibly the mcs.vst~) object?

Thank you in advance.


The easiest options would be to replace spat5.pan~ by spat5.spat~ (+ spat5.oper) or spat5.panoramix~ (+ spat5.panoramix) as these objects manage both the reverb and panning stages.
You can then control the “reverb send” by adjusting the “room presence” or the “reverb amount” for each source.

Of course it depends on what kind of spatialization you expect for the reverb…
Using VST plugins is possible, but the reverb would most likely not be spatialized.


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i have been using spat5.multiverb~ whose i encode the output with spat5.pan then “inject”’ back that ‘reverb signal stream’ in my master hoa stream.

You can easily create ‘audio’ send to that reverb, and use it as a sort of return effect for your individual track.