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ASAP v1.1.0 - New Release

:rocket: ASAP version 1.1.0 is available with the Pitches Brew plug-in!

This new plugin, based on the ARA2 extension, allows you to draw and edit pitches and formants with great precision :fire:. This final version includes a marker system that makes editing curves faster and easier. In addition, it is possible to load frequency curves and markers in JSON, CSV, and CUE formats allowing exchanges not only with Partiels but also with many DAWs.

You can discover Pitches Brew and its features on this new video!


You can also watch the test2 and test3 videos of the beta versions (even if the interfaces are not up to date, the interactions remain relevant).

This new version also includes :

  • A smooth transition when switching the bypass.
  • The ability to hide tooltips.
  • A graphic theme that automatically adapts to your operating system.
  • The new Ableton-like zoom.
  • Automatic notification of new updates.

Announcement: This latest version will be presented at the Forum Workshops on the morning of Thursday, March 30, and will be followed by a workshop. I hope to see you there :face_with_monocle:. And in the meantime, do not hesitate to send me your feedback

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I apologize if I had to start a new thread. I am on Linux Fedora 32, Reaper 677, and on loading new Pitches Brew plugin Reaper closes abruptly. Same configuration on OsX High Sierra gives no problems. Other plugins give no problems in Linux.

Starting Reaper from terminal I obtain the output I enclose as text file.

Thanks in advance for every suggestion, best

terminal-result.txt (11.4 KB)


Thank you for the feedback. I investigate the issue.

I think I found the problem :sweat: I should be able to send you a fix soon!

Thank you very much!

@fdsdb, can you test the dev1 version available on this thread and tell me if the problem is fixed on your system?

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I have downloaded the development function, fastly testing all plugins. Now it seems to me everything runs good. Many thanks.



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j’ai suivi votre présentation d’ASAP ce matin via Zoom. Très intéressé évidemment par ce “portage” des fonctions d’Audiosculpt désormais disponible directement dans Ableton Live. Par contre je n’ai rien vu concernant une fonction d’Audiosculpt que j’utilise très souvent consistant à importer une image en niveau de gris afin de s’en servir comme filtre ou autre manipulation. Personnellement j’aime partir d’un spectre de bruit blanc pour ce genre de process. Je réalise ainsi des “filtres” dans Photoshop. Serait-il possible d’imaginer un plug ASAP implémentant cette fonction (avec un générateur de bruit intégré serait un must !) ? Cordialement et merci pour cette maginfique suite de plugs. Frédéric

Bonjour Frédéric,

Merci beaucoup pour votre retour !

Pour le moment, nous n’avons pas la possibilité de concevoir le portage de cette fonctionnalité d’AudioSculpt vers ASAP car le moteur audio qui réalise ce filtrage n’est pas encore adapté à une approche en temps réel. Il nous faudrait aussi élaborer les UI/UX adaptées à une mise en œuvre sous la forme d’un plug-in. Pour le moment, j’ai du mal à le concevoir mais évidemment cela ne veut pas dire que ce n’est pas possible. Par ailleurs, peut-être qu’utiliser les outils en ligne de commande SuperVP associés à une petite interface en Max ou PureData seraient plus adaptés ?

Dear friends,

I was trying to check the plug-ins on Max but Morphing and Crossing do not work at all (they look authorized of course, being a Premium subscriber). The AAX for Protools are dead, they only work when the bypass button is engaged. I am on Mac Intel running Catalina using Max 8.5.2 and Protools Studio.
All the best,

Federico Placidi

Hello Federico,

I’ve just tested the Spectral Crossing and Spectral Morphing with Max 8.5.3 on macOS Ventura 13.3 M1 and on macOS Monterey 12.2.1 Intel, and everything works fine. Your issue may be related to the channel configuration. These plug-ins use a side chain input for the filter, so you should always have 2 times more inputs than outputs, for example, 4 inputs (2 stereo) → 2 outputs (1 stereo) with [vst~ 4 2] for stereo processing - or 2 inputs (2 mono) → 1 output (1 mono) with [vst~ 2 1] for mono processing.

I can’t test with ProTools right now but the issue may be also related to the channel configuration and the use of a side-chain. I think ProTools limits the side-chain to mono. Can you give me further information, so I can try to reproduce your problem?


Dear Pierre,

many thanks for your kind clarification. Now in Max everything works as expected.
I will report you back the Protools situation later today.
Many many thanks !


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I’m testing the ASAP plugins in Ableton Live 11 (on a macbook air M1), and two of them don’t work (Spectral Surface and Pitches Brew). The error message says that “ARA2 extension is not supported”. Is Live not supporting ARA2? in that case, is there another way to make those two plugins work in Live?
Thanks in advance, Best
Zeno B.

Hello Zeno,

Unfortunately, ARA is not yet supported by Ableton Live but the support has been requested by many users Ableton live support for ARA 2 - Ableton Forum , you can join them :wink:. In the meantime, you can use Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Logic, and others…