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360 video playback in 'spat5.viewer'

Hi @tcarpent, I was wondering if it is possible to load 360 video to spat5.viewer similar to what is possible in the spatialiser plugin in “FB360 Spatial Workstation”(which is obsolete at the moment), so that it would be so much easier to do post production for 360 videos. I believe spat5.viewer is not capable of that right now, in which case, it would be so much useful if you could implement something like that! Also, some sort of plug and play OSC mapping for reaper and max(for basic mapping like track and object, timeline sync etc…) would be also cool!

No, spat5.viewer is not intended as a video player (neither 360 nor any kind). And this wont ever happen.
However, what is done sometimes is that spat5.viewer is put on top of a video player, in overlay i.e. spat5.viewer is configured with a semi-transparent window so that you can edit the sources while seeing the background video.
Maybe that can work for your use case ?